A diet is for life …not just for New Year!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

New Year’s ‘quick fix’ diets not only fail to make us slimmer, they also fail to make us healthier in the long term. Weight loss that is sustainable requires us to make permanent, healthy changes to our eating habits - a healthy diet for life.

Scientific studies show that the world’s slimmest and healthiest populations consume ‘diets’, - high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and whole grains but low in meat, dairy and processed foods like refined sugar. These plant- based diets have high nutrient densities but low calorie densities and are also rich in fibre - ideal for healthy, sustainable fat loss.

Populations eating plant-based diets also live longer, with the lowest rates of chronic health conditions such as: type 2 diabetes, heart disease and dementia. It’s often wrongly believed that we either have a health condition like heart-disease or we don’t. The truth is they occur in stages; we can stop - and even reverse - their progress by adopting a plant-based diet.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go ‘vegan’ and stop eating all animal food products. It simply means rethinking your diet by focusing on making plant foods a key feature of your meals. Start by making small changes: filling half your dinner plate with colourful vegetables; replacing sugary snacks with fresh fruit and cooking two or three nutritious plant–based dishes each week instead of meat-based ones.

Need inspiration? Then why not attend one of my cooking workshops which will give you the confidence and know-how to integrate more plant-based cooking into your life.

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